5 Beautiful And Unique Decorations For Your Wedding

The Surga Villa Estate is considered to be the best Bali wedding venue to hold a wedding reception, because the prospective bride and groom will be spoiled with beautiful views and many facilities to fulfill their wedding needs. It’s not just a matter of the location of the wedding, because wedding decorations play an important role in presenting a romantic and sweet impression. Here are some of the best wedding reception decorations.

Beautiful Decoration For A Memorable Wedding Reception

1. Decorate Tables and Chairs Using Ribbons and Cloth

Decorating invited tables and chairs using ribbons and fabrics is said to be one of the most popular decorations chosen by couples. Thanks to these decorations, tables and chairs look even more special to accompany such a happy day. Even though it seems simple, in fact the addition of a number of fabrics with a certain color has succeeded in creating a certain impression.

2. Adding a Chalkboard in the Wedding Sign

A chalkboard looks like a simple item that is considered to have no artistic value. But who would have thought that a chalkboard could be transformed into the best decoration at your wedding if managed by the right person. With a touch of creativity, this decoration is guaranteed to look beautiful when placed in the Wedding Sign section. To make it more interesting, you can ask WO to add vintage photo frames and to the board frame.

3. Attaching a pre-wedding photo

Putting up a pre-wedding photo in one corner of the room is a decoration that is no less unique to use. Through these photos, you can share your happiness and how exciting it is when you have a photo shoot with your beloved partner. You can also insert a photo of a love story trip with your partner as the best choice. The romantic impression will be even stronger when you choose The Surga Estate as the best Bali wedding venue.

4. Adding a wooden ladder as a photo booth

Tired of the usual wedding decorations? There is nothing wrong with adding a unique decoration in the form of two wooden stairs to the wedding as a solution. The two unused stairs will later be used as poles to hang some pre-wedding photos. Meanwhile, the steps can be used as a place to put a few glasses of glass or decorated with vines to make it more beautiful.

5. Adding Lights and Candles

In recent times, many couples have chosen to hold outdoor weddings in the afternoon as the best choice. Because at that time, the sky will change color to blackish orange which successfully creates a romantic and elegant impression. The atmosphere of The Surga Estate as a Bali wedding venue is even more romantic, when you add lighting in the form of lights or candles when the sky begins to dim.


For couples who dream of having their dream wedding in Bali, then choosing The Surga Estate is the best choice. Providing various complete facilities for weddings, even in this place the prospective bride and groom will get the best service through the natural scenery around which is so soothing to the eye. You can get all these benefits at a friendly price in your pocket. Are you sure you don’t want to choose it?

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5 Beautiful And Unique Decorations For Your Wedding
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